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Image source: Bestproxyreviews
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Proxies are being used worldwide for surfing on the web anonymously. These proxies help you in bypassing geological restrictions and censorship and thus allow you to access the content of a website quickly. Proxies are of many types such as the public/free, shared/semi-dedicated, elite private/dedicated proxies. The public or free proxies are used for performing basic web surfing tasks while the other proxies are used according to the level of sensitive tasks. Private or dedicated proxies are the most secure ones. …

Reddit is a huge source of social data. If you are a social researcher with interest in scraping Reddit, then come in now and discover the vest web scrapers to use for scraping Reddit and how to develop your own custom scraper.

Reddit, the first page of the Internet is an online discussion forum. To many, it is nothing more than a place they while away time and have a discussion on their favorite topics. But for Internet marketers and social researchers, it is an incredible source of social data. …

As a python developer, there are many web scraping tools available to you which you can use. Come in now to discover these tools and learn how to put them into use.

It is no news saying that Python is the most popular programming language for web scraping, and this is not unconnected to the fact that it is simple to learn and use, as well as have a good number of popular web scraping libraries and frameworks you can leverage. As a Python developer, you need to know of these tools and learn how to use them for you…

Barbara Lowe

I am a freelance programmer. I think technology and business practices are closely linked, and I like to share my experience on different websites.

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